Small garden rooms and their benefits

By Peter
May 28, 2021

You don’t need to upsize your hub to enjoy the endless perks of a garden room. Here are just some of the many benefits of small garden rooms and how they can compliment your garden space.

When deciding on your new garden room, having a large garden doesn’t always equate to a large hub. And the reverse is also true; having a small garden doesn’t require people choose small garden rooms. It’s about finding what suits your needs and what compliments your garden space and lifestyle.

Small garden rooms suit those who value more space in their garden. This could be for the kids to play in, enjoying a spot of gardening or even playing a game of badminton. We recently launched our bijou model ‘Novo’ which gives you the freedom to utilise your garden as normal while still enjoying a comfortable retreat.

Size doesn’t matter

When it comes to small garden rooms, size is not important when you still have the luxury of all the standard fittings you would expect. If what you require is a compact space tucked away for either economical or space saving purposes, consider our Novo. Measuring 2.5 metres, our bijou model takes up minimal space but still offers the exact high quality you are looking for in a garden building.

Maximise garden space

If you value your garden space and the freedoms that come with it, then maximise it. Small garden rooms help make use of your garden throughout the year, as they can easily be tucked away, blending in as a private retreat. This not only creates room for you to enjoy your garden as normal, but also provides a cosy time-out zone for when you need peace and quiet.

Make it your own

The beauty of small garden rooms is that you can use them as extra practical space for almost anything. They provide enough space for an office, gym, reading spot or even a den for the kids. They require little maintenance and the smaller space means any transformation can be a quick and easy one.

Create your mini escape

Whether you have a large or small garden, if you value quality over quantity and want to keep as much of your garden space as possible our 2.5m Novo might be the mini escape you’re looking for.

However, if a small Hub isn’t right for you we can help create a larger retreat with Hubs up to seven metres in length. Get in touch to enquire about sizes and installation.

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