Don’t just play the game, change it

By Clement
October 4, 2020

Being self-employed can be a highly rewarding and more fulfilling career path when managed responsibly and taken seriously. It provides flexibility to spend time with family and on other commitments, and the lifestyle is ever-appealing in modern-day society.

Starting a new business or working independently as a freelancer requires good planning and a dedicated place of work for stability. This is where Hub Garden Rooms come in, providing a room fully equipped with all the amenities needed for the very best and high-quality office environment.

We have nearly 20 years of experience in designing professional offices precisely for these purposes, and they are fully insulated, soundproofed, and deliver the exact same quality you would expect from a modern home. Hence why we refer to them as a ‘home from home’ experience. 

The offices are designed to provide a long-lasting, warm and quiet workspace outside of the home, which is essential for the self-employed worker. The prices include the interior finish, insulation, double glazed sliding doors, flush fit sockets, LED lighting, and premium flooring, which are the perfect foundations for a fully functioning workspace, no matter the project.  

Whether you are already established in your own company, or as a self-employed worker, or if you’re thinking about working for yourself, a garden hub office is an economical and smart investment for the future of remote working. From the heating panels to lighting and double glazing, everything has been manufactured to be super-efficient and durable. 

As well as the economical side of things when planning a new business venture, giving yourself a clear and bright space to formulate new ideas is a must.    

A garden office separate to your home also leaves minimal disruption to the rest of your house, creating an entirely new area not associated with home life and an incentive to make time for your ambitions, helping you stay focused and committed without everyday distractions. 

The beauty of a garden office is its longevity and economic flexibility. It doesn’t just have to be the place a business plan is formed; it can also be where it stays, evolving into anything from a beauty salon or studio to a workshop or design hub. Operating a business from your garden saves a substantial amount of money on running costs and bills that you would have to pay for in a rented office. 

To make this investment even more economically justified, household savings are currently at an all-time high in Britain due to the lockdowns this year, meaning installing a hub garden office now could be the best and most cost-effective time to do so. Are you ready to get ahead?

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