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Where is your Showroom?

Our showroom is based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Can I use my Garden Hub all year round?

Yes – all our Garden Rooms are fully insulated, soundproofed, and come with infrared heating panels as standard. They are designed to withstand the great British weather and will be just as inviting as your own home, no matter the season.

Can I add fixtures to my Garden Hub?

We aim to ensure that your finished product has everything you require. You are able to make changes yourself at a later time should you wish. Our project manager will happily discuss any future plans you may have.

Does it come with electrics and a power pack?

Yes, our Garden Rooms are fully wired and come with flush-fit electrical and ethernet sockets. There will be a minimum of 3 sockets in your Garden Room as well as a domestic fuse box.

Can I fix things to the wall?

Yes, you are able to hang shelves, pictures etc. from the walls.

Can I paint the interior walls?

Yes, you are able to paint the walls but please check with us regarding paint specifications before you do so.

Can I get plumbing to my Hub?

Yes, you can. A plumber will be needed to be contacted before installation to ensure everything is in place. Please speak to us for further details if you want to install a kitchenette or toilet in your Garden Room.

Can we have a larger decking area?

We are able to provide larger decking areas, please ask one of our team for more details.

Do you offer bespoke-sized Hubs?

We do not offer bespoke options. However, we do offer many modular sizes to fit your requirements so speak to one of our team today to confirm your options.

What are the dimensions internally and externally?

As our Garden Rooms are modular, we can create a size to suit your garden needs.

Can I use my Hub as an extension?

Our Garden Rooms aren’t designed to be extensions, they are standalone rooms positioned away from, and not physically connected to,  your property.


Do I require planning permission?

The beauty of a Garden Room is that they do not require planning permission, we have carefully designed our products so they meet all regulations. There may be some very rare exceptions to this, such as your property being on conservation land, however, 90% of the time you will not require planning permission. Your dedicated project manager will be able to help you take care of any planning requirements should they arise.

How close can I get to my garden wall?

We should be able to go right up to a garden wall. However, it depends on the height of the wall and potentially other elements. You may also need to check with your local council.


How quickly can I get a survey?

Scheduling a survey depends on which part of the country you live in. Surveys are normally scheduled within a week of enquiry.

Do I need to be at home for the survey?

We would recommend you are at the property for the duration of the survey as it will allow us to ask any questions about your installation and to advise you of anything you may need to know. We appreciate our customers lead busy lives, so as long as we can access your garden then it is possible for us to complete the survey without you present, and your project manager can discuss the survey results with you at a more convenient time.

How long will the site survey take?

We will book a one-hour slot on the day of your survey. Usually, the survey will take 30 – 45 minutes but we book up to an hour to ensure we have enough time to be as thorough as possible. Once the survey has been completed, you will receive a quote within 24 hours of the visit.


What access will you require?

All our Garden Rooms are modular and constructed using SIP design. This means they can be easily delivered to your garden through small or narrow access routes and, if need be, we can deliver through your property. Generally, if you can fit a wheelie bin through your access, then we can deliver a Garden Room. As part of our site survey, we will do a delivery walk-through and identify the best route for delivery and if needed find a way to overcome any access issues. For every construction we undertake, we will assign you a personal project manager and they will be able to plan your delivery.

How long will it take to build?

Once your Garden Room has been delivered, our installation team will be onsite for a few days.

How long from order to completion?

Your Garden Room will be completed within 4-6 weeks from the day we receive your installation deposit to the day of completion. Wherever possible, we will try to keep all lead-times to a minimum but we will not cut corners. If you have specific timescale requirements then please chat with one of our experts using the live chat facility or by filling out our contact form.

Do you use contractors?

All of our Garden Rooms are delivered by our own in-house installation team; we will never use third-party contractors.

Can I build the Hub myself?

The price you see on our site is delivered including installation. We appreciate every project is different and that it may work better for you to assemble yourself, which we can accommodate if you speak to your project manager. However, to ensure the build runs smoothly, we prefer to install ourselves.

How do you build on an uneven garden?

We may need to level your garden; our expert team will be able to confirm this.  Generally, our groundcrews will level an uneven garden for you as part of our quote, which will be formalized after the survey has taken place.

Do In need concrete foundations?

To install our Garden Rooms, we use ground screws instead of concrete foundations. Ground screws are a modern, efficient, clean and more environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional concrete base. They can be installed all year round in all weather and are suitable for the vast majority of ground types. Ground screw installation is included in our price and will be fitted by our team direct into your existing surface.

Can I do my own groundwork?

When we have completed your survey, we can help you understand exactly what needs doing ahead of installation. In the majority of cases your property will require very little work which our installation team will be able to do as part of the installation process. If anything further is required, your project manager will work with you to make it as easy as possible for you to complete.

Where do you deliver to?

Our experienced installation teams cover the whole of the UK, from Lands End to John O Groats.

How will the Hub be delivered?

Our units are delivered by our in house installation team, if you are arranging your own construction we will deliver directly to your home and take to your preferred storage location, the garden office will carefully wrapped to ensure it is protected from the elements should you need to store outside whilst awaiting construction.

Can a partition be added internally?

We can add partition walls to any of our Garden Rooms to create additional space. The price can vary depending on room and size but we are able to provide a full quote as part of our design consultation.

How do I get internet to the Hub?

Depending on location, a booster, hub or ethernet cable. Please ask for further detail.

Can I take my Hub with me if I move?

Our Garden Rooms are built in modular panels and installed using ground screws (not concrete foundations), so there is the option to move them down the line. Speak to our team as early as possible if you are thinking of moving house and taking your Hub Garden Room with you.


What is included in the price?

All of the prices displayed on our website include everything you could want as standard, there are no hidden extras. All our Garden Rooms come with double glazing, soundproofing, infrared heating panels, full cladding and much, much more. Once we have completed installation your room is ready for whatever you want to use it for.

Does the price include groundwork?

Our prices are fully installed including foundations. All we ask for beforehand is the removal of any debris. If more extensive groundwork is required, we will advise of this during your site survey and can provide you with a quote if you would like.

How long will it take for me to receive a full quote?

You will have a quote or price from us ahead of the survey being completed, once the survey is done we will send a final price with any required changes. The majority of the time the original price quoted will remain the delivered price.

How much will it cost to wire the Hub up to the house fusebox?

We offer a complete electrical connection from your house to your Garden Room; the cost will range from £400 to £1,000.  This will be explained within your site survey. However, you are more than welcome to use your own preferred electrician for this.

Do you offer finance options?

We don’t currently offer finance but will be introducing options for finance as soon as we can. Currently, we take payment for our Garden Rooms in three instalments to help spread the cost for our customers.

What is the deposit to reserve my Hub installation date?

We ask for a £200 deposit. Then you will be required to pay 50% six weeks before delivery.


Where are the Hubs manufactured?

All our Garden Rooms are manufactured in our factory, with nearly 20 years of experience, is the largest of its type in Europe.

Are your Hubs sustainably sourced?

Yes, all of our Garden rooms and their fixtures and fittings are ethically and sustainably sourced. We only work with suppliers who can demonstrate that they adhere to FSC regulations & practices and have traceable practices in place.


Can I use my Hub as a gym?

Yes, our Garden Rooms are built using only premium, strong and sturdy flooring materials that are resilient enough to bear the weight of heavy gym equipment such as cross-trainers, bikes, benches and weight racks.

Can I put a Hot Tub in my Hub?

Yes – our premium flooring is strong enough to hold the weight of a hot tub!

Can I use the Hub as a Salon?

You can use your garden room as your very own beauty salon or hairdressers. Please ask us for more details if you require plumbing.


How do I maintain my Hub?

Your building will require no maintenance at all unless you wish to oil your timber cladding. This oiling is not necessary and is a personal preference, but it will help prevent oxidation, which turns the timber a silvery grey. Other than this though there is no maintenance required. If you want to oil your building we recommend a UV protective oil

What maintenance is required on the timber cladding?

We have designed our rooms to require very little maintenance, both inside and out. Any maintenance will be merely cosmetic and at your discretion.

Does my Hub come with a guarantee?

We offer a 7-year guarantee as standard on all our Garden Rooms.

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