Your Granny Annexe- everything you need to know

By Clement
June 7, 2021

Make the most out of your home by creating extra living space in the garden with a granny annexe.

Garden annexes, otherwise known as ‘granny annexe’ are the practical and affordable option for extra living space. Growing families can make the most of their homes without even having to move house. Our contemporary and practical outdoor buildings are the solution to many other living circumstances.

For instance, if you need to move your elderly relatives closer to home, a granny annexe gives you the opportunity to do so. Whether it’s to spend more time with them or have them in your care it makes sense to have them close by.

As for the younger generation, the use of a garden annex offers independence if they are struggling to move out. While they wait to get on the property ladder, living separate from the household can reduce the strain on them and parents. But they can still enjoy the benefits of low rent and home comforts.

At Hub Garden Rooms we can help you create a real home in your garden whether it’s for an older or younger relative. Here’s what you need to know!

You will need planning permission

90% of the time, a garden room does not require permits or planning permission. However there are some exceptions to this and one of them includes if someone plans to live in the building. Before we start building your Hub- Annexe, your project manager will be able to process the paperwork and acquire permission for the living arrangements. Leave the leg work to us!

Plumbing and practicality

Suitable living arrangements almost always require toilets or kitchenettes, especially if elderly people plan to live in the annexe. The good news is you can install both of these in the building, you just need to contact a plumber before the installation. As well as these practicalities, all of the rooms are fully insulated and fitted with heating and electrical sockets, meaning they can be used all year round. There is even the option to add extras such as decking, balcony and internal partition walls!

Sizing and value

In order to create an annexe large enough for living arrangements, we recommend you opt for at least a 7 x 3 Novo or Apex Hub. These provide more than enough space for a bed, belongings and other facilities such as a kitchenette or toilet. With your annexe being a huge asset, it will increase the value of your property by up to 15%. You’ll be pleased to know that dependent relatives are exempt from paying council tax, so that will be another ruled out cost.

Our multi-functional buildings are perfect for additional living spaces or guest rooms that will last for years. Get in touch today for installation info.

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