Your freedom to build

By Clement
November 17, 2020

There’s never been a better time to start investing in your garden and to start the exciting new project of a garden office.

We believe that the entire process from start to finish should remain smooth sailing and pain-free, which is why we have diligently designed all components of your new garden room to come without the hassle of external permission.

Finalising a planned concept can appear as a daunting task that comes with many obtrusive setbacks such as gaining permission to build, however the beauty of our garden offices is that by default, they do not require planning permission. 

We have been working for years on these concepts with all UK building regulations in consideration, and have scrupulously designed all our garden rooms so that they meet with these directives, removing the tedious leg work and restrictions and giving you the ultimate freedom to build.

Having said that, based on our nature of being forward-thinking and customer orientated, we do understand however that sometimes these ‘default’ concepts will need to be altered and expanded upon in accordance with some unique building requirements and preferences.

Under these rare circumstances which fall outside of the 90% of projects that do not require planning permission, there is always a dedicated project manager on hand to help customers take care of any planning requirements, from start to finish.

One of the most common reasons for needing planning permission is if you live in a conservation area, which are areas designated to preserve and enhance a region. You may be situated in a conservation area if you are based on historic land, old battlefields, public parks, designed landscapes or a railway.

Others include if you are planning to build over the permitted development regulation heights, you live in a listed building, if you or anyone else is planning to live in the new building, or if you are planning on building forward of the principal elevation of the house, which is generally classed as the elevation containing the front door.

If your planned garden room takes up the total area of land occupied by buildings (other than the original dwelling house as was in 1947) to over half the size, then planning will also be required. 

If you still unsure about if your garden room will require planning permission or not, Simply give our friendly team a call and we can talk you through a more detailed and thorough checklist. We also offer a free survey to check access, ground condition and anything else you may be concerned about.

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