Staying in is the new going out

By Clement
October 20, 2020

As the Coronavirus hospitality ban has continued to stifle the UK’s opportunities for leisure, something new and innovative has been born out of it, and it’s started in the back gardens of Britain. Home spaces for socialising and relaxing are a coping mechanism for many who are eager to move forward and stay optimistic throughout this period of restrictions. 

With the virus still very much here for the long haul, Hub Garden Office company have approached the new climate with a forward-thinking perspective. We have meticulously designed luxurious garden spaces that provide a long-lasting, warm and vibrant social hub outside of the home. 

Our contemporary hubs have been built using the latest modular design technology, and have been engineered to bring people the ultimate home from home experience, that make the perfect setting for life’s unmissable events such as socially distanced birthday parties, anniversaries and baby showers.

We know that these home celebrations could be more than just a temporary ‘fix,’ and in fact, be the start of a new and innovative lifestyle for the future. With this in mind, our garden hubs have all been installed with a deluxe interior finish, full insulation, double glazed sliding doors, fitted sockets, LED lighting, engineered flooring, and much more. 

These essential finishing touches make for a warm and welcoming environment in any garden, whether it’s used for getting together with loved ones for music and drinks, or meeting friends for a book club or games night, the garden hubs are designed to create that extra bit of space we all crave and need – the luxury is just a bonus. 

And for a lot of people, finding time to be alone and relax is equally important as being social. Especially for those living at home with families and partners in confined areas during the day. That is why maintaining an element of personal space is crucial during these times. 

The more people stay at home and find new ways to enjoy life, the less they feel the need to rush back to what they once thought was ‘the norm.’ Especially when returning to that norm comes hand in hand with a health risk. 

In fact, there’s never been a better time to invest in our gardens, now that we spend more time in them than ever, and not to mention the fact that it puts substantial value on our properties. 

Most importantly, a hub garden provides an ever-available space to spend time with friends and loved ones in, creating a sense of togetherness and social normality which we could all benefit from in these uncertain and disconnected times. 

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Disclaimer- We only want to encourage safe gatherings in your new hub garden office. For up to date guidelines please follow this link- Government guidelines.

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