Start the project you’ve been putting off

By Lisa
January 7, 2021

It’s true what they say about projects; finding the time to actually start them is the hardest part. But with everyone beginning the new year once again with more spare time on their hands, now could be the perfect time to embark on that project. Here’s why a Hub workshop is the best place to start this.

Spare time at home doesn’t always effectively free up our schedules, with other distractions and commitments cropping up here and there in an often busy environment. And with many people working from home for the foreseeable, it can be hard to distinguish a workspace from a ‘you’ space. 

No matter what your project may be: starting a novel, designing the next best invention, starting a craft business, or simply taking up a new skill or course, there’s no denying that your physical workspace will impact your productivity and creative flow.

A Hub Workspace ticks off the physical factors your project will require to thrive, and be a place where your mind can relax and ideas are formed. 

The idea of setting up a new space for you to start might not seem as relaxing but the beauty of installing your new hub workspace is that it will be completed by our team in less than 48 hours, meaning all you have to do is get excited to begin while we take care of the laborious part. 

Once you immerse yourself in the Hub working environment, you will immediately benefit from the huge difference our fully soundproof walls make. Peace and tranquility is imperative for success when starting those big tasks, which take off effectively when there are minimal disruptions to your workflow. 

There is also the option to fully vent our hub rooms which are fitted with double glazed windows and sliding doors, allowing the rooms to breathe and let a cool breeze in if the project causes you to work up a sweat. This is also ideal for artists or designers who require ventilation in order for paint to dry on surfaces and canvases. 

If your project involves electrical equipment such as handheld drills, pottery wheels or the use of internet rest assured that all our hub rooms are installed with flush fit electrical and ethernet sockets for a sleek functional design.
If all you need now is a place to get started and begin that long overdue project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team who can help you on your way.

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