No cinema? There’s a garden room for that

By Lisa
February 9, 2021

Keep the whole family entertained with an Oscar-worthy movie room all without leaving your garden!

The perfect alternative

Have you been missing the cinema experience recently? Replicate this fond experience with a cosy alternative – a garden cinema room. Whether in lockdown or not, this makes a convenient facility for the future!

In fact, watching movies in solitude without the distraction of phones and popcorn crunching might even become the preferred option. Especially for those who love to stay at home. 

Get the idea in motion

Installing your Garden cinema room is an exciting process where you can start to visualise the interior concepts. A garden cinema room creates an escape everyone in the family can enjoy. Plus, our range of designs ensure you will have the right specifications needed to set everything up properly and safely.

All our garden rooms are fitted with heating and insulation, making them a cosy retreat on colder evenings. Modernised decking and balcony is an option with every hub, creating the perfect place to take a break if you need to pause a film. Which you can’t do at a cinema, by the way!

Equipped for the big screen

Each of our sleek hub designs are built with internal electrics and flush fit sockets. Set up televisions, projectors or any other equipment that is required to recreate an Oscar worthy cinema room. 

Each hub design is built with the same quality foundations as your home. We manufacture every garden room to be resilient enough to withstand the test of time for years to come. So rest assured electrical equipment and technology will be safe from external weather conditions!

More quality time

Not only does a hub cinema room replicate the ever popular cinema experience, but it can save expensive trips out in the future. As well as become a convenient and close place to spend more time with family and friends.

Last but not least, the versatility of our garden rooms provide enough comfort, space and privacy to enjoy any recreational activity. Whether it’s gaming, streaming, or chatting on a zoom call, a cinema set up makes an ideal room for downtime.  

For more information and details on specifications and installing get in touch with one of our team today. 

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