Make working from home work for you

By Clement
October 4, 2020

Working effectively and productively from home has become the normal requirement in 2020, but a large and uprooting life change should not be approached lightly, which is why we have strived to produce only premium modular buildings that provide the ultimate work from home office experience.  

More than half of workers have reported that they have been more productive working from home, which suggests that we can accomplish far more within the four walls of our houses than previously thought. However continuing day to day duties such as jobs, studies, and training programmes in the new climate requires a long term solution that is both cost effective and energy efficient. 

All our offices come with high-quality insulation and only the best, market-leading materials are selected to ensure they are long-lasting and maintenance-free. Our factory has been building high quality modular buildings since 2003 and designed them to offer luxury as well as comfort, with our ethos being simple, beautifully stylish rooms. We are proud to add the Novo and Apex garden rooms to our range. We believe no one working from home should have to compromise on their comfort, even if we have had to be resilient in recent times.

The pandemic came abruptly and as a shock to those who were not prepared to work from home for the foreseeable future and as a result many have resorted to setting up makeshift offices that don’t work well for the long term.

These ‘offices’ are usually located in people’s kitchens, living rooms, or even bedrooms, according to a study suggesting that one in four Brits are logging in from their bed. 

Creating a dedicated space separate from home life is not something everyone has yet seriously considered, perhaps due to the false assumption that this way of life will soon blow over and a home office is not worth the investment. However this could not be further from the truth, as more evidence suggests that we will be working from home long after Coronavirus.  

This is why a garden office creates the perfect working environment for our future, helping us to keep home and work life separate while skipping the frantic and time-consuming commute to another office. 

A hub garden office creates an inspirational and productive space that’s yours alone, and cannot be invaded by other household duties and distractions. This in turn leads to much more productivity in the day which can free up time for the more important things in life later on. 

Does this sound like it could work for you? Invest in a hub garden office for the future of remote working. 

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