Garden party ideas for your garden room

By Lisa
April 13, 2021

Restrictions are easing and the rule of 6 has returned so people can spend time in gardens together. Why not start getting inspired and plan for those long-awaited garden parties. Here are some garden party ideas

Now that we’re in April we have officially entered stage two of the covid-19 lockdown easing. Which means groups of up to six or two different households can meet in gardens or outside. If you have the advantage of owning a hub garden room, you might have already started looking for garden party ideas. After all, now is the time to make extra use of our new-found freedom!

A common dilemma people may encounter this month when planning their garden parties is the ever-changing nature of great British weather. While it will be nice to meet up with friends and family rain or shine, it will of course be beneficial if parties aren’t cut short by a spring shower ( or even snow.)

Take shelter while staying outdoors

The government has advised against mixing indoors for now, which means people will be socialising outdoors in all weather. This is where a hub room saves the day – providing a balcony as shelter and even convenient decking that provides a dry place where you can continue the party long into the evening. It’s not breaking the rules as you are technically outdoors but enhances your quality time with loved ones – grab some bean bags, get a fire going and get cosy in the garden

Hook up to electrics

Because all of our hubs are designed to bring you the ultimate ‘home from home’ experience, you can rely on them for a power source and many other conveniences a garden party may require. Plug in some speakers to play music at your garden party, or if you have a hub bar you could even keep drinks chilled close by so that you needn’t make trips back and forth inside the house. The options are endless!

Be a great host

You can create a far more pleasant experience for your guests with a Hub garden room as an outdoor base. They can keep any coats or valuables inside the Hub at their own convenience, and when it gets dark at night the Hub’s outdoor lighting will keep everyone enjoying the ambience for longer. The feeling of togetherness will be like no other, especially now the pandemic is almost over. 
Are you ready to be the most popular host in the neighbourhood? Get in touch for installations.

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