A playroom in the garden – Children’s outdoor spaces

By Lisa
February 16, 2021

An outdoor playroom in your garden can be many things. Whether it’s a playhouse, games room or chill-out zone, our garden rooms are a unique space for the whole family. 

Memories through the years

Family life is a joyful yet all-consuming journey that requires more room as time goes on. A garden playroom frees up space to do homework, keep growing toy collections or just simply have some self-care time. 

After all, building an extension or moving to a bigger house to acquire more space isn’t the most economical option. A garden playroom is the more affordable solution that creates a safe haven and space for the kids to enjoy.

The beauty of our garden playrooms is their versatility. The uses can adapt no matter the age or needs of your children. Whether it’s a playroom or creche, a games room or study area, our garden rooms are designed to be timeless.

All-weather playrooms

We meticulously design our outdoor playrooms to bring customers the ultimate ‘home from home experience. They are not to be confused with sheds or similar buildings that are only practical for storage. This means the kids have a warm, dry and cosy place all year round, giving them stability in their routine.

Being so close to home, a garden playroom is the perfect solution to all those cancelled activities and rainy days. Similarly, in the summer months our garden rooms have the flexibility to become outdoor play areas. Simply install decking and/or balcony so the kids can take the fun outside or just get some fresh air.

No more wear and tear

This is a playroom both you and the kids benefit from. You’ll no longer be disrupted by the sounds of games, music or loud chatter and they can continue their outlets with less interruptions! Our garden rooms are sound-insulated so you won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours, either.

A playroom separate to your home also saves wear and tear inside the house, taking the pressure off you and the kids. Our garden rooms are built using only the best, market-leading materials and durable enough to stand the test of time.

A garden room has no age limit

When the kids have transitioned to adulthood and finally flown the nest, their once-playroom can become whatever you choose. With free space in your back garden you can convert it into a gym, office, or even cinema room – the options are endless. 

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