A home beauty salon in your garden

By Lisa
March 16, 2021

Build a beauty salon in your garden and start your very own home beauty business.

A home beauty salon in your garden could be the secret to a thriving business. For instance, no more commutes. No more sharing space with other therapists – just your own salon giving you space to work your magic.

A professional touch

A beauty salon in the garden is a professional alternative to simply working from a spare room in the house. It separates work life from your home environment and gives you a unique space that still includes your personal touches. This will enhance not only your creative flow but also your clients’ experience in a more relaxing, comfortable space.

Make it your own

At Hub Garden Rooms we are experts in designing premium outdoor buildings that are multifunctional. Their practicality is ideal for a work environment and their style and flexibility allows you to make the space yours. Our designs come in a range of specifications and we can accommodate depending on size and features.

Our garden rooms are designed to replicate the contemporary feel you would expect from any professional environment. When it comes to inspiration for your beauty salon, we have numerous designs and features to accommodate your personal style.

Studio inspiration

Our garden rooms offer the same quality you would expect from a modern building. They are fitted with premium flooring, lighting and electrics so you can therefore utilise the space like a regular salon. You can add shelves or art to the walls, play music or TV and generally create a relaxing ambience.

Beauty services often require privacy. Another professional touch we offer is privacy panelling on one or both sides of your garden building. This creates a secluded setting without compromising on the natural light needed to create that bright and airy studio feel.

Salon fresh

Many beauty salons require ventilation for drying of treatments, temperature control or simply airing out the room. This is why our double sliding doors are an ideal feature for salon environments.

Our buildings are fully insulated with premium double-glazed doors and windows, so your clients can maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Proper airing out of your Hub salon also creates a Covid-safe environment. 

Starting a beauty business from your garden is a flexible and more cost-effective solution to renting on other premises. Get in touch with us to find out how we can provide the beautiful and functional salon space you always dreamed of!

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