A bachelor pad in one room – Creating your man cave

By Clement
December 10, 2020

Creating a designated space like no other – Detach and unwind from the stresses of life in a luxury man cave. 

We all want to find time in the day to escape and unwind from the stresses of work and everyday life. But with households spending more time in each other’s company, it can be difficult to find a space in the home that’s completely yours. So, instead of using up limited space, why not create an entirely new one? 

A garden room man cave built separately from the rest of your home allows you to carve out downtime during the day with it being conveniently close by, but at the same time is constructed with all the luxuries that make it feel like a distant retreat, allowing you to totally switch off in your own privacy and comfort. 

Think of our garden rooms as just another room in your house with all the functionalities, comfort and style you would expect to find but with the added benefit of freedom and luxury.

Our offices are fully insulated and soundproofed so you can rest assured that a games night or drinks with friends won’t disrupt neighbours or the rest of your household. 

The are fitted with premium, sturdy flooring and are sufficiently constructed to bear the weight of whatever you desire to keep in your man cave, whether it be a pool table, bar, sofas, a sound system or musical instrument set up such a drum kit or piano – this space is designed to accommodate endless leisure environments. 

Our garden rooms are insulated to the highest level and fitted with double glazing and premium infrared heating, meaning you can retreat to your man cave for warmth and respite all year round, even in the coldest months. 

On top of a beautifully stylish room that has all the optional extras as standard, our garden buildings are a cost-effective alternative to a traditional home renovation project that can be costly and time-consuming. 

What’s more, a garden room will add value to your property and can easily be adapted to suit any purpose. Whether you want to convert your man cave into a space to work out in, or even make room for guests staying over, this will be an ever-available space that will go the extra mile for your investment.  

If you’re looking for the very best bachelor pad environment without the premium price, then Hub Garden Rooms are the right choice for you.  

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