2020 the year of working out at home

By Clement
November 24, 2020

Working out is one of the few freedoms we can still enjoy and is great for keeping both the body and mind healthy. Creating a dedicated and convenient space to exercise in is the first step to making it part of our everyday routine.  

A Garden Gym is the perfect solution to helping you reach your personal goals and stay active, without the trouble of having to share equipment or travel to and from a public gym. 

However, a garden gym needs to be built with the same ideals and practicality as a commercial gym if you are to enjoy the same quality workouts and luxuries within it. 

Hub Garden Rooms are designed with ample space for your gym equipment without compromising on room for all your floor exercises and stretching such as Yoga and Pilates. 

Both our Nova and Apex range are built to accommodate spacious indoor leisure areas and measure three by seven metres at the largest standard capacity, however due to our flexible and revolutionary nature we are always happy to expand upon these measurements if required. 

As well as being highly spacious, our garden rooms are built using only premium, strong and sturdy flooring materials with a resilient enough structure to bear the weight of heavy gym equipment such as cross-trainers, bikes, benches and weight racks. 

Another factor which is crucial for indoor exercising conditions is the temperature control in the room. Working out in comfort is imperative if you are going to be exercising all year round, and our garden rooms are constructed with built in heaters so that you can warm up in the optimum temperature, no matter the weather outside.

We pride ourselves on only using market-leading insulation and the very best double glazing on all garden room doors and windows, meaning we can promise a highly efficient and low energy-using gym space all year round.

For those who enjoy their workout being more at one with nature, the rooms are fitted with double glazed sliding doors that can be left open, letting in a cool fresh breeze to revitalize the senses. This is particularly ideal for in summertime when you want to make the most of the outdoor sunshine and views.  

Our Garden Rooms are perfectly resistant against the usual wear and tear you would expect from a gym environment and are complete with revolutionary flush fit walls and ceilings. These unique touches make the finishing extra sweat resistant as well as hard wearing against knocks and bashes, which would easily mark a traditional plaster finish.

On top of us taking care of all the practical and premium qualities a garden room should have, we can’t ignore the simple pleasures that come with owning one of these garden gyms. Unlike exercising in a public gym, you needn’t be conscious of your appearance and have the privacy and freedom to exercise in your own space, using only your own equipment!

You will have 24-hour access to your new garden gym, meaning reaching those fitness goals will become easier and more manageable. And of course, not forgetting the huge savings on gym memberships, travel time and cost. 

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